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Name your Car Product Groups
Try renaming your menu buttons or adding a new menu button. If you wish, after you have purchased your website, you can upload your own graphics for menu buttons. It's good if you want to sell:

  • Car parts
  • Automobile products
  • Auto accessories
  • Motoring products

Background and Logo
The colours are unlimited! Try a different style of background for your website. You can also move the position of the web page design elements and insert a new background colour behind the logo and header bar images.

After completing your purchase, you can upload your own unique background to match the exact colours of your logo graphic. We already provide a car logo, however if you prefer, you can upload and add your own business logo.

If you have questions, please click here to contact us about your website and what you require.

And finally, just to explain, a standard website is supplied with 4 Product Groups, also known as 4 Product Galleries. Each gallery can contain many different products e.g. you could have 30 individual click-through products per gallery. As a guide, a standard website is good for around 100 products.

As a guide, a website with Extra Galleries is good for around 1,000 products.

And finally finally, you can sign-up to PayPal for FREE!

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